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About us

Vision and Mission: 

a) To electrify each and every household in the entire UT of Puducherry.

b) To supply power in a most economical/affordable manner to all the consumers.

c) To extend reliable and at a reasonably good level of electric supply to all the consumers.

d) To keep the Transmission & Distribution losses to the barest minimum level.

e) All the above are subject to following of all relevant rules & regulation, conditions and standard practice.

Key Objectives:

The main purpose/ objective of the Electricity Department is to distribute and to ensure reliable and at a reasonable level of electric power supply to the consumers of U.T. of Puducherry.

Functions :

The Electricity Department of Government of Puducherry is the sole responsible authority for transmission and distribution of electric power supply by availing power from (1) Central Generating Stations by way of share to this U.T. (2) Puducherry Power Corporation (3) Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (4) Kerala State Electricity Board to meet the power demand of Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe & Yanam from appropriate points.


The prime duties of the Department are :- (a) To forecast the power demand of this Union Territory on a long term basis, (b) To take necessary action to meet the power demand by initiating steps, to get allocation from the Central Generating Stations, (c) To get funds to execute development activities and establishment of EHT Sub-Station, erection of new / additional distribution transformers, strengthening of distribution / transmission net work, (d) To reduce the Transmission and Distribution Losses in a systematic manner, (e) Formulation of Master Plan for conversion of overhead lines into underground cable system in the urban area with associated works. In addition to these, this department is also training the staff, mainly on safety, day to-day practice, new technology, etc. Besides, this department is also venturing on research activities on Solar Pond Generation of Electricity jointly with Puducherry Engineering College, Puducherry.

Brief History:

The Union Territory of Puducherry is spread over an area of 492 Sq.Km., which constitutes of the four erstwhile French establishments of Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam. The total population of the UT of Puducherry is 9,74,375 as per the 2001 census. The city of Puducherry located in the Puducherry region serves as the capital of the Union Territory

Puducherry region, which is the largest of all the four, lies on the east-coast, consisting of 12 scattered areas, surrounded by the State of Tamil Nadu and by the Bay of Bengal on the east. It is located around 150 Kms south of Chennai.

Karaikal region is about 150 Kms south of Puducherry. Like Puducherry region, the Karaikal region is also surrounded by the State of Tamil Nadu and by the Bay of Bengal on the East.

Mahe region is located at about 653 Kms west of Puducherry, on the west-coast near Tellicherry in Kerala.

Yanam region is located at about 840 Kms north east of Puducherry, on the east-coast near Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh.

The Union Territory has semi-arid type of climate, with a mean annual temperature of around 30° C and 70-85% relative humidity, is prevalent in the Union Territory. While Puducherry, Karaikal and Yanam region receive rain mostly through North - East monsoon, Mahe region benefits from the South-West monsoon.

The Electricity Department of Government of Puducherry is a deemed licensee under Section 14 of Electricity Act, 2003 and is carrying on the business of Transmission, Distribution and retail supply of Electricity in Puducherry, Karaikal, Yanam and Mahe Regions of the Union Territory of Puducherry. With all the Towns and villages electrified in as early as 1972, the Union Territory is 100% fully electrified. The business of generation of Electricity in the Union Territory of Puducherry is being carried out by the Puducherry Power Corporation Limited, an undertaking wholly owned by the Government of Puducherry. The Puducherry power Corporation Limited presently operates a 33 MW gas power plant in Karaikal region.

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