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Bill Complaints

Billing and bill payment issues

Bill Complaints

The consumer shall refer in writing any correction required or complaint or dispute with regard to the accuracy of the bill to the officer who has issued them. Such of those corrections including arithmetical mistakes on the face of the bills shall be corrected immediately and if required a revised bill will be issued by the officer who has issued them. The consumer shall present the revised bill for making payment.

In case the consumer disputes the claim made in the bills including non-working of the meter, abnormal working of the meter or abnormal claim due to defect in the meter or defective reading, then such of those will be referred to the field officers concerned for ascertaining the genuineness of the complaint. All those other cases that also requires a field verification, then such case shall also be referred to the field officer for ascertaining the genuineness of the claim made by the consumer. The bill correction or revision claimed by the consumer shall be made only after obtaining a field report. If required opinion or orders of the appropriate authority shall also be obtained before effecting correction or revision.

The consumer shall however pay the bill on or before the due date originally fixed and adjustment, if any, will be made only in the subsequent dues. The amount so paid will be regarded as advance to the credit of the consumer's account until such time as the bills in dispute are fully settled.

For more details on Metering, Power supply charges and Revision of Bills, refer to Part VII - Metering of the Terms and Conditions of Power Supply at the following link:

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