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Annexure VIII

Indian electricity rules, 1956
Form of requisition for supply of energy under clause vi(5)
of the schedule to the act

(Name of Licensee) ................................



            I/We hereby require you, in accordance with clause VI of the Schedule to the Indian Electricity Act, 1910 within one month or within such longer period as the Electrical Inspector may allow, from the date of this requisition to supply energy for the premises owned/occupied by me/us, and situate within the area of supply specified in the............... Licensee, 19..................

 I/We further require you to supply me/us with the necessary meter/meters on hire in terms of section 26 of the Indian Electricity Act, 1910. I/We agree to give you such security as may  be required for the price of the meter/meters, whenever called upon to do so.

2. Applicant's name Occupation/ designation Class of premises House no. and/ or
Name of the premises.
Street                                                                         Town                                                                     Village or Taluka
Owned / tenanted by


3. The following are my / our requirements:-

A. Domestic or                            No. of points                  Wattage              Total wattage               Residential

(a) Lights and fans.
(b) Heating and small power.

B. Commercial.

(a) Lights and fans.
(b) heating and small power.

C. Industrial power motor and/ or
apparatus points
No. of points H.P. and KW Total H.P. and KW Purpose
1 2 3 4 5

(a) Low voltage.
(b) Medium voltage.
(c) High voltage.

D. Other purposes.

4. Total connected load applied for............. Watts/Kilowatts.

5. This requisition is for-

(1) A new service.
(2) A sub-service from one existing service.

The name and address of the consumer whose service is to be tapped.

His Service No. is

(3) An extension to my existing installation from service No.
(4) A re-connection of Service No.
(5) A change of name from Service No.
(6) The system of wiring will be

2[(7) The wiring work has been/ will be carried by:
Name of contractor    :
Address                     :
Licence No ............... :
Class                         :
Validity                      : ]

Applicant's signature........................

Present address .............................

Dated of ......................19.......................

Note: : 1. The applicant is requested to complete the clause referring to this requisition and to strike out the clauses which are inapplicable.

2. Under Clause VI(l) 1st proviso of the Schedule to the Indian Electricity Act, 1910, the licensee shall not be bound to comply with any such requisition unless and until the person making it-

 (a) within fourteen days after the service on him by the licensee of a notice in writing in this behalf, tenders to the licensee a written contract in the form, approved by the State Government duly executed and with sufficient security binding himself to take the supply of energy for not less than two years to such amount as will assure to the licensee at. the current rates charged by him, an annual revenue not exceeding 15 per centum of the cost of the service line required to comply with the requisition; and

(b ) if required by the licensee so to do, pays to the licensee the cost of so much of any service line as may be laid down or placed for the purposes of the supply upon the property in respect of which the requisition is made, and of so much of any service line as it may be necessary for the said purposes to lay down or place beyond 30 metres from the licensee's, distributing mains, although not on that property.

3. In lieu of the contract referred to in Note 2 (a) above, the licensee is prepared to accept a declaration in the following form, subject to deposit of any required securities by the applicant :


I/We hereby declare that I/we desire to have and agree with the licensee to take a supply of energy for the above mentioned purposes for a period of not less than two years from the date of commencement of the supply and to be bound by the provisions of clause VI of the Schedule to the Indian Electricity Act, 1910, and by the licensee's charges appropriate tariffs applicable to me/us and conditions of supply as are from time to time in force 

  Applicant's signature

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