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Annexure XII

Indian electricity rules, 1956

Log sheet for mines and oil fields
[Sub-rule (5) of rule 131]


Daily log sheet for

1[1. Name of electrical supervisor]:

2. Report as to:

(a) Condition of the insulation of the system

(b) Specified defects of insulation (particulars of each failure of apparatus should be given)

(c) Accidents or dangerous occurrence (including any cases of electric shock and any cases of open sparking in apparatus in use in places where rule 126 applies).

2[(d) Disconnection and re-connection of the supply as required by rules 126(5)(i) and (ii)]

(e) Examination of earth fault detectors or recorders as provided by rule 116(3).

(f) Examination of apparatus as provided by rule 131:

(i) Routine examinations as required by clause (a) of sub-rule (3) of rule 131.

(ii) Special examinations. as required by clause (b ) of sub-rule (3) of rule 131.

3. Remarks:-

2[Electrical supervisor-engineer:
                                                                                                                                                 Examined by Manager]

Note- This log sheet should be filled in as completely as possible. If for instance, there are no defects of insulation to report, the word "none" should be written in the vacant space*

*.State which apparatus has been examined or tested and result.

1 Substituted for words "Name of electrician-in-charge" by GSR45, dt.1-1-1993, w.e.f. 23-1-1993. 
2 Substituted by GSR466, dt.18-7-1991, w.e.f.17-8-1991.

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