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Change of meter

Change of defective meter

(As per Chapter - VII, Clause 51 of Terms and Conditions of Supply of Electricity)

If the consumer considers that the meter is defective, he may apply to the Engineer to have a special test carried out on the meters at any time and the cost of such a test shall be borne by the department or the consumer according as the meter is found defective or correct as a result of such a test. The meter will be deemed to be correct if the limits of error do not exceed those laid down in Indian Electricity Rules 1956 or any other statutory modification thereof for the time being in force or in Bureau of Indian Standard Specification.

The department shall, at any reasonable time and after informing the consumer of its intention, have access to and be at liberty to inspect and test the meter and for that purpose, if it thinks fit, take off and remove any meter to its laboratory.

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