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How to get my service connection cancelled


The consumer who desires to cancel the existing service has to produce the following documents along with the application to the respective jurisdictional Assistant Executive Engineer/Assistant Engineer office.
1.  Application written in white paper with Re 1/- non judicial stamp affixed indicating the
    a)     Name of the Policy Holder.
    b)     Full Address.
    c)     Policy No.
    d)     Reason for the Cancellation of the Service.
    e)     An undertaking that he will pay all the arrears up to the date of disconnection along with the cancellation charges.
2. Copy of the latest Electricity Consumer bill issued by this department
3. Copy of the Death certificate of the Policy Holder if not alive..
4. Relevant documents showing Proof of the ownership of the property, if the Policy is not in the name of the applicant who applies for the Cancellation.

On receipt of the application, the Assistant Executive Engineer/Assistant Engineer will forward the same to the concerned Junior Engineer for field inspection and preparation of Cancellation estimate.

After receipt of the field report and the estimate, the Assistant Executive Engineer/Assistant Engineer will then forward the same to the Executive Engineer for issue of Administrative approval after collection of all dues from the consumer including the Cancellation charges by the Junior Accounts Officer/Revenue concerned.

The Assistant Executive Engineer/Assistant Engineer concerned, after receipt of the approval for Cancellation will make necessary arrangements for dismantling the line service connection materials and devolute the same to the Central stores. After the above devolution is over, the Assistant Executive Engineer/Assistant Engineer, on receipt of report from the Junior Engineer/O&M concerned should intimate the fact to the Junior Accounts Officer/Revenue about the cancellation of the service.

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