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HT Industrial

New HT Industrial Services

Procedure applicable to High Tension Industrial installations

The application in the prescribed form shall be submitted in the office of the Superintending Engineer-I and got registered in the office of the Executive Engineer-EHV (Division-VI).

Attested true copies or Photostat copies of the following documents as applicable shall be submitted along with the application, namely:

  • Licence/Permit/No Objection certificate from the local body and/or such other authorities such as Central Pollution control Board, as may be required under law.
  • In case of lease, registered lease deed.
  • In case of a partnership firm, registered partnership deed.
  • In case of a company, memorandum and articles of association and certificate of incorporation.
  • A copy of allotment order of shed/plot in industrial estate from PIPDIC or any other government body.
  • A copy of the ground water clearance certificate issued by the State Ground Water Unit, Pondicherry, for ground water for industrial purposes.
  • Copy of the power feasibility issued by the Electricity Department.
  • Any other conditions that may be prescribed by the Government from time to time.
    • Power supply at 22/11KV will be limited to contract demand Upto and inclusive of 5,000 KVA.
    • If the contracted demand is more than 5,000 KVA, supply may be arranged at higher voltage, depending upon the system network existing in the area. The prospective consumer may contact the jurisdictional Superintending Engineer for necessary advice.
    • For housing the switch gears and metering cubicles of the department, the High Tension consumer shall provide and maintain at his own expense locked, weather-proof and fireproof enclosures of agreed design and location. The enclosures shall preferably be in a building separate from the consumer’s sub-station and installations.
    • The prospective consumer shall consult the department in their own interest, before ordering High Tension switch-gear or apparatus deciding in the lay out thereof. They shall strictly comply with all directions, specifications, clearances and standard lay out prescribed by the department, Electricity Inspectorate and Bureau of Indian Standards from time to time.
    • The prospective consumer shall also submit the Contractor’s completion-cum-test report along with a list, in triplicate, showing details of machinery, make, capacity and the lay out plan of the premises within which he intends to use the power. The capacity of any individual machinery/equipment installed./connected shall not be more than the contract demand.
    • The servicing of the installation of the consumer will be carried out on production of the copy of the approval of his installations by the Electrical Inspectorate, manufacturer’s test certificates of all High Tension apparatus and test and commissioning certificates as required by the department.
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