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Re-structured Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme Proposals


The Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme (APDRP) was first contemplated by the Government of India during the year 2002-2003. The main objectives of the APDRP scheme is to improve the financial viability of the state power utilities/boards, reduce Transmission and Distribution (T&D) losses, improve reliability, quality and availability of power supply,  introduce systems approach with MIS. The APDRP also aims at bringing transparency in operations of the power utilities through IT implementation and thereby improve consumer satisfaction.

The scheme was further modified during the XI Plan as "Re-structured Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme (R-APDRP)" with the aim of restoring the commercial viability of the distribution sector by putting in place appropriate mechanism so as to substantially reduce the Aggregate Technical and Commercial (AT&C) losses. In the first instance, the R-APDRP seeks to address the issue of building the baseline data including meter data acquisition. After ascertaining the AT&C losses, the issue of power system upgradation and modernisation is taken up.

Highlights of the programme are:

  • The focus of the programme is on actual, demonstrable performance in terms of sustained loss reduction.
  • Establishment of reliable and automated systems for sustained collection of accurate base line data and adoption of IT in the areas of energy accounting are necessary preconditions for the sanction of projects.
  • The programme will cover all urban areas, cities and towns with a population of more than 30,000 (10,000 in case of special category states)
  • The projects under the programme will be executed in two parts as below:
  • Part-A: Preparation of Base-Line Data for the project area covering Consumer Indexing, GIS Mapping, Metering of distribution transformers and feeders and Automatic Data Logging for all distribution transformers and feeders and SCADA/DMS system (only in the project area having more than 4 lakhs population and annual input energy of the order of 350 Million Units). It would include Asset Mapping of the entire distribution network at and below the 11 KV Transformers and include the distribution transformers and feeders, L.T lines, poles and other distribution Network equipment. It will also include adoption of Information Technology application for meter reading, billing and collection; energy accounting and auditing; MIS; redressal of consumer grievances, establishment of Information Technology enabled consumer service centers etc. The base line data and required system shall be verified by an independent agency appointed by Ministry of Power.
  • Part-B: Renovation, Modernization and strengthening of 11 KV level Sub-Stations, Transformers/Transformer centers, Re-conductoring of lines at 11 KV level and below, load bifurcation, feeder separation, load balancing, HVDS (11KV), Aerial Bunched conductoring in dense areas, replacement of electro-magnetic energy meters with tamper proof electronics meters, installation of capacitor banks and mobile service centers etc. In exceptional cases, where Sub-Transmission system is weak, strengthening at 33 KV or 66 KV levels may also be considered.
  • For projects undertaken under Part-A, 100% funding will be provided for the approved projects through loan from the Government of India. The loan shall be converted into grant once the establishment of the required system is completed within three years from the date of sanctioning and verified by an independent agency.
  • For projects sanctioned under Part-B, conversion of the loan into grant will take place yearly based on the AT&C losses of the project area duly verified by the Independent agency appointed by the Ministry of Power.
  • The scheme also envisages incentive for the staff of the power utilities in towns where AT&C losses are brought below 15%.
  • The Power Finance Corporation is appointed as the nodal agency for operation and implementation of the programme under the guidance of Ministry of Power.

R-APDRP Progress

In accordance with the guidelines issued by the Power Finance corporation, M/s Feedback Ventures Private Limited, Gurgaon has been appointed as the IT Consultant for the Union Territory of Puducherry for undertaking projects under the R-APDRP. Based on the approval of the Government of Puducherry, the Letter of Award (LoA) has been issued to the DATA CENTER AIT implementing Agency M/s ITI, Bengaluru in consortium with M/s Navayuga Infotech Pvt.Ltd.

Detailed Project Report for Union Territory of Puducherry

Detailed Project Report:

In order to avail loan under the R-APDRP scheme, the Electricity Department had submitted four Detailed Project Reports (DPR) for the four towns of Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam which are eligible as per the R-APDRP norms. The DPR submitted by the Union Territory of Puducherry, were taken up for consideration during the 17th meeting of the Steering committee of Ministry of Power held on 19-03-2010 at New Delhi. The Steering committee after scrutiny had approved a total loan amount of Rs 27.53 Crores towards the four projects for the four towns under part-A of the R-APDRP. The PFC had subsequently revised the project cost to Rs.15.01 crores. The approved cost and Revised sanction details are given below:

Sr. No. Name of the Town Area
Population Feeders DTs HT Consumers LT Consumers Approved Project Cost (Cr) Revised sanction by PFC
1 Puducherry 72.24 505959 26 713 118 153150 20.17 11.51
2 Karaikal 35.17 74438 3 79 4 14761 01.38 1.09
3 Mahe 9.00 36828 3 68 2 10537 04.87 1.49
4 Yanam 17.00 31362 7 58 32 9237 01.11 0.92
Total 133.41 648587 39 918 156 187685 27.53 15.01

SRS Document Template:

In order to curtail the technical and commercial losses and to make the distribution business sustainable for the power utilities, IT applications were proposed to be implemented in the power sector on an integrated platform. The IT platform shall assist in capturing and validating the power system, consumer, energy, billing and revenue data in a transparent manner with accuracy. However many of the power utilities have limited expertise in IT implementation. Hence the Government of India, Ministry of Power  had devised a common SRS template document to be used by all the power utilites to address the need of IT implementation in the area of distribution business.

This SRS template specification intends to cover the activities, services and works in respect of successful set up of IT infrastructure for collection of baseline data for energy and revenue in the identified scheme areas and setting up of customer care center in the towns along with supply, installation, testing and commissioning of all necessary hardware, software and managing the facilities created under the scope of this scheme for a period of 5 years after successful completion of acceptance test of hardware and software. The project components and detailed scope of work as specified in the SRS document is furnished below:

Project Components:

(i) Scope of work
The scope of work under this contract covers setting up of IT infrastructure for collection of baseline energy and revenue data of the identified towns and setting up of customer care center therein. The scope covers setting up of IT infrastructure at data center & DR Center, call centers and other offices of utility, which would form the platform for subsequent automation. This activity shall comprise fulfillment of the following tasks:

  • Establishment of data center & Disaster Recovery center at identified location
  • Establishment of customer care centers at identified location
  • Set up the Local Area Network and Wide Area Network
  • Procurement & Installation of PCs, Servers, and associated hardware
  • Creation of necessary IT infrastructure including LAN for identified Subdivision, division, Circle, Headquarter offices, Data centers, DR Centre and Customer care centers
  • Integration of the entire IT infrastructure under the scope of this document as well as legacy systems, if any

(ii) Hardware
Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of all necessary hardware and networking equipments and its connectivity as specified in the detailed specification. As a part of the project, the vendor should procure the required hardware and build the infrastructure as detailed in the Specifications. The vendor shall take the responsibility to install the servers, switches, routers, backup and tape devices, Workstation PCs, and other necessary hardware/software at the sites defined in the bid proposal sheet. The Vendor shall give the time frame for procuring and delivering all the necessary hardware. Though the scope covers establishment of a common data center & DR center along with associated hardware and software for selected towns, the bidder shall design and provide the hardware at data center & DR Center with suitable expandability for covering the entire utility area at a later date (Utility will specify the total consumer and asset base ) along with a 7.5% per annum growth in consumer and asset base for next five years.

(iii) Networking
The scope of work covers supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of LAN at datacenter, Customer care centers, Sub division, division, Circle, Head Quarter and any other office of the utility as per their requirement along with creation of VPN/ MPLS based WAN solution. The vendor shall also provide the necessary drawings nd plan for installation, sizing, cabling and connectivity and the bill of material for the networking of all the locations specified herein.

(iv) GIS System Software and maps
Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of GIS software and latest satellites imagery maps for GIS based customer indexing and asset mapping in the specified town. The successful bidder shall provide the maps along with the certificate and rights in favour of owner from the source that these are the latest as on date of purchase which should be later to award date. The bidder should specify clearly the licensed software he proposes to use for the package.

(v) DGPS Survey and Indexing work
Carrying out the necessary DGPS survey and creation of GIS based customer indexing and asset database as specified in detailed specification.

(vi) Meter data acquisition system
Supply of necessary hardware, software and communication equipment in the Substations, DTs and select consumers in the towns for the purpose of centralized meter data logging.

(vii) Software
Supply, installation and commissioning of Operating Systems at Server/Desktops, Database and application software along with source code (only for customized software solutions) and functionalities covering application modules like Energy Audit, Data Acquisition, New Connection, Disconnection, Vigilance and Dismantling, MIS, GIS network management module with electrical network diagram of system further as detailed in the bid proposal sheet. The vendor has to supply necessary software solution for metering, billing, collection (MBC) if the same is not available with the utility. In case the required MBC and other standalone software solutions are already in place, the vendor has to integrate the same with the offered solution including design and supply of necessary middleware. Moreover the vendor has to link the GIS based customer index created by him to the existing customers etc. The bidder shall quote the unit price for additional licenses for database, standard application software, antivirus solution etc. (whether per processor license basis or per user license basis) for meeting the future requirement of utility.

(viii) Web Portal
The scope includes the Development of Web portal of utility for real time customer services.

(ix) Supply, installation and commissioning of automatic token dispenser machine and intelligent display management system at customer care centers.

(x) Supply, installation and commissioning of Touch Panel based KIOSK for furnishing information on billing, payment, duplicate bills etc at customer care centers.

(xi) Supply, installation and commissioning of cash/cheque collection Kiosk for automatically accepting cash and cheque payments from customers, to be installed at utility offices, customer care centers and any other location as per the requirement.

(xii) Supply and installation of Point of Sale (PoS) terminals along with suitable cheque reader and bar code reader and application software to be deployed at payment collection centers.

(xiii) Facility management services for IT infrastructure created for a period of 5 years and Annual Maintenance Contract of 2 years after expiry of warranty period of 3 years by the consortium partner/equipment supplier.

(xiv) The bidder shall submit offers for project components on turnkey basis for continuous and successful operation of the offered solution.

(xv) The proposed solution must efficiently enable all required interfaces and integration, including integration with the existing software as detailed in existing IT infrastructure.

(xvi) The proposed solution must also consider the following overarching functional requirements, analytical tools and capabilities

  • Workflow Management
  • Document Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Integration Middleware

(xvii) The vendor has to establish a disaster recovery center at the location specified by utility which should operate based on RTO & RPO defined in detailed technical specification.

(xviii) Current Status of the work
Approval of the Government of Puducherry has been obtained vide G.O. Ms. No. 4, dt. 13-01-2011 to avail the loan and the Government of Puducherry has conveyed the acceptance of loan to the Power Finance Corporation, New Delhi vide Lr. No 19-2/FD(W&M)/2011, dated 21/01/2011. As per the decision taken in the 11th steering committee of the Ministry of Power, it was proposed to share the Data Centre and Data Recovery Centre with Tamil Nadu. Accordingly approval of the Government of Puducherry was obtained vide G.O. Ms. No. 28, dt. 28-10-2009. It was also decided to utilize the services of same IT Implementing Agency (ITIA) engaged by Tamil Nadu viz., M/s ITI, Bangalore in consortium with M/s Navayuga Infotech Pvt. Ltd., as same data centre and common solution stack are being shared by Puducherry in the meeting convened in the chamber of the Secretary to Government (Power) on 02-12-2010.

Based on the decision taken in the steering committee, the Power Finance Corporation had revised the sanctioned amount vide Lr. No. 02:10:R-APDRP(P-A):2010: Puducherry, dated 09-11-2011 to Rs.15.01 Crores. Approval of the Government of Puducherry has been obtained vide the Order No.19-2/FD(W&M)/2011-12, dt. 10-02-2012 to avail the revised amount of loan of Rs.15.01 Crores and to award the work to the ITIA. Accordingly, Letter of Award (LoA) to the ITIA M/s ITI, Bangalore in consortium with M/s Navayuga Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has been issued vide LoA No.331/ED/SE-I/Comp/R-APDRP/ITIA/LOA/2011-2012, dt. 24-02-2012. An amount of Rs.4.5 Crores being the 30% first tranche of loan was availed  on 31-03-2012 and  10 % advance amount of Rs.1.13 crores was released to the ITIA on 07-06-2012.

The current status of the work under R-ADPRP as on 4th March 2013 are as follows:

a. Data Centre:  Data Centre building is ready at TANGEDCO, Chennai and Hardware such as end-end servers, UPS have been procured. Installation is under progress. Servers for Puducherry Electricity Department are yet to be installed and commissioned.

b. Installation of system meters: Open tender for procurement of AMR compatible meters under R-APDRP has been floated and the bids have been opened. The sample meters have been requested from the lowest bidder and the same has been tested in the laboratory of the Department. AMR compatible Meters for HT consumers and Distribution Transformers have been tested in the Laboratory of the Department and Supply Orders have been placed. Based on the supply order, the firm has tendered for inspection on 4th March 2013. On receipt of the meters, installation of the meters would be initiated by the end of March 2013. The tender for supply of AMR compatible meters for Ring Fencing and Feeders are proposed to be placed on lower tender basis to M/s Secure Meters and as soon as the meters are tested and parameters are verified the Provisional Supply order be would be placed likely by the end of March 2013.

c. GIS activities:
The Following is the status of the works done by M/s Navayuga Infotech

General Points.

Work has been completed in Karaikal town and is in Progress in the remaining three towns (Puducherry, Mahe and Yanam).

Puducherry Town

Kalapet Sub-station 100 % Asset and Consumer indexing works related to Kalapet SS has been completed and validation is in progress.
Kurumbapet Sub-station Work is expected to be completed by 31/03/2013
Vilianur Sub-station Work is expected to be completed by 31/03/2013.
Marapalam Sub-station Work is expected to be completed by 15/04/2013.

Karaikal Town.

Karaikal work has been closed on 31/01/2013.

Mahe Town.

100 % Asset Survey has been completed in Week ending 02nd November 2012.

Consumer Indexing has started in last week of November 2012 and around 30 % is completed and the balance works are in progress.

Yanam Town.

100 % Asset Survey has been completed.

Consumer Indexing has started in last week of December 2012 and around 70 % is completed and the balance works are in progress.

d. Metering, Billing and Collection (MBC): Customization of MBC module is under progress.

e. Customer Care Centre and Call Centre: In principle approval has been obtained from the Government of Puducherry vide OM No. P.22013/3/ID(P)D/P3/2012-13, dt. 25/05/2012 for setting up of Customer Care Center and Call Center. The civil infrastructure has been completed and the ITIA has been requested to install the servers of Customer care centre. The tender for outsourcing the call center personnel has been finalised and sent to the Government for approval.  

f. Ring fencing:  All the three ring fencing points in Puducherry town and two ring fencing points in Karaikal have been completed.  The same has been informed to M/s ICRA Management Consulting Services Ltd., (IMaCS) who have agreed to inspect the ring fencing points on Wednesday.  After inspection, the billing data would be furnished.

g. Part – B DPR and SCADA:  The steering committee has approved the DPRs for Part B and Part A SCADA DPR for Puducherry. The approval of the Government of Puducherry is proposed to be

GIS status

Implementation Flow Chart


Considering the huge cost involved in setting up and maintaining the data center (DC) and disaster recovery (DR) for the Union Territory of Puducherry, the Government of India, Ministry of Power has decided to have a common DC/DR for TNEB and Puducherry on cost sharing basis at Chennai. The ITIA shall carry out the implementation of project  accordingly.

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