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Safety Measures and Precautions

Overhead Electrical Lines

  • While you switch off supply and proceed to do repairs in the line or circuit, doubly ensure that no one else should be able to switch it on.
  • After opening the AB switch, if you want to undertake any work, lock the mechanism. Only you should be able to release the lock after the work is over.
  • When you handle tall objects, look up, and see whether there are power lines.
  • While moving tall 4-legged ladders ensure the absence of power lines on the way.
  • Do not use abnormal force in electrical works. The tools such as cutting pliers and screwdrivers must be properly insulated.
  • Before undertaking any work, particularly at a height of, say even 3 meters or more, inspect thoroughly for the presence of power supply lines overhead and take extra precautions while working under them.
  • We have front and side vision only. Whenever any lengthy/tall objects/machines are to be moved we should look up towards the sky and see whether there are power lines above.
  • It is wisdom to expect the unexpected. Always think of natural forces, which may affect the supply line and take appropriate preventive action to protect yourself. Even if the supply is temporary, take all the care as though it is permanent.
  • Do not undertake any work particularly with long wires or rods or pipes underneath a power line.
  • Ground clearance from the power line is to be maintained as per I.E. rules. Children should not be allowed to play with electric supply systems.
  • Do not assume things before undertaking repairs in electrical systems. Make yourself sure by asking as many people as possible in case of even a small doubt.
  • A line tester is the cheapest testing device for LT supply. A good tester in the pocket, and its use whenever undertaking work in electrical systems, will save your valuable life.
  • Never neglect the street light wire in overhead lines. Also never be over confident that supply will not be resumed. Power supply may come any time. The safest way is to test and ascertain that there is no supply. Use earth rods and work.

Industrial Panel Switch gears and Electrical Drives

  • While testing small motors on no load, see that they are mechanically stable. Particularly small high speed motors will shift slowly due to vibration.
  • If one contact is spoiled in an ICTP, do not give through connection; change the switch.
  • Avoid looping the power supply from one machine to another machine. The looping may become fateful to someone someday.
  • While undertaking any work in a substation or receiving station, cardon off the area and allow skilled workers only, with proper instruction and under close personal supervision till the work is completed.
  • Sparks should be detected by keen observation (sound). An ammeter, if at all there is one in the circuit, will show the presence of sparking inside. Loose connections will lead to loss of precious human lives.
  • Even if electrical supply is temporary just for a few days, the power supply installation has to be done in a proper order complying with safety rules. Even a slight negligence becomes a cause for major accidents.
  • While removing or inserting fuses in power circuits, check that the isolator is off. Use gloves while working in HT circuits. Use fuse pullers. They will save your life.
  • In modern equipments there are lot of interlocks and safety devices. While repairing these things, check supply to the power circuit and control circuit.
  • Top most priority is to be given for good housekeeping in all electrical installations and more so in a HT installation.
  • There are feeders fed at both ends. This information has to be made known to everybody responsible for electrical works in the supply system.
  • I.E Rules are not just for reading and keeping in mind. They are to be practiced in every step. Particularly with HT systems, connect the earth rods before attempting to do any work.
  • Do not do electrical works with over confidence. Before shorting the two terminals in a control circuit, ensure twice that you are shorting the correct terminals. Manufacturers have a fancy to change the models and location of terminals.
  • The direction of rotation of a motor in a drive is very important. In many drives, the wrong direction of rotation may cause serious accidents.
  • Even after switching off the supply, check whether there is supply. If you want to undertake work in the power lines do not forget to short them and earth them. You may get feedback supply from a foolish consumer operating a gen-set.
  • Clear writings/Markings and communication are very essential in electrical systems.
  • Be smart, but don’t be over-smart in electrical repair works.
  • Indications, indicating instruments and identification of names and numbers of panels are quite important. One must be doubly sure that there is no supply before proceeding with the tests and repairs in panels, to avoid accidents.
  • Acids not only eat away the clothes, not only cause injury to the skin, but also eat away the wood etc. Provide protect covers.

Portable Electrical Items

  • While operating portable electrical machines, ensure proper control of your hands.
  • However simple and however small the work may be, use an electrical cable and not silk wires for giving supply to portable electric machines.
  • Beware of supply in portable switchboards and extension boards. Keep them at a safe height to protect them from possible accidents.
  • For all portable gadgets 3-pin and 3-core cable have to be used and earthing ensured. Do not have temporary joints in the cable.

Office/Domestic installations

  • Do not throw a fused tube on the ground. Because of negative pressure the splinters will injure you.
  • Children like to do unexpected things. Continually they are to be educated over the dangers of electricity. If possible a special type of 3-pin plug called interlocking type 3-pin plug should be used, in which the hole is closed by an insulated material if the plug top is not inserted.
  • If there is a gas leak or you suspect a gas leak, do not switch on or switch off any regulator or switch including the main switch.
  • Before nailing in a wall, think of the concealed electric wires and take necessary precautions.
  • Any broken switch or any exposed live points at lower reachable heights should not be neglected but should be got repaired at once. Who knows whose life it will take?

Miscellaneous situation

  • Alcoholic consumption is not only bad for health, but could also be a cause for electrical accidents. Electrical work need clear mind and concentration.
  • Do not ignore even minor items. Occasionally check the screws of the terminal cover and tighten them.
  • While doing any earth work anywhere, analyse the cable routes and instruct the workers to dig with extra care and under your personal supervision.
  • However simple and trivial a job may be, there is some element of skill and basic knowledge needed for the working personnel.
  • Kids have their own fancies which are unimaginable. They have to be continually educated over the dangers of electricity.
  • Electric overhead lines can be found everywhere at a height of 5 to 6 meters from the ground. Beware of them.
  • Loose connections increase temperature and then gradually produce visible sparks, and then audible sparks; ultimately they burn the inflammable material in the vicinity.
  • In functions and meetings where temporary electrical supply is given, the supply system has to be checked for all possible accidents, particularly fire accidents.
  • When you place high heat producing devices side by side, give enough clearance to avoid heat concentration which may result in accidents.
  • Electricity helps in doing very useful works if used with all precautions. If it is used unlawfully as a trap for animals, human beings it can be dangerous. The very person who lays the trap may himself become the victim.
  • Even if the incoming supply is not there, follow the procedures of isolating the loads before undertaking any repair works. Do not assume that incoming power supply will be on only at fixed timings even if it is a routine practice to supply power by only during these timings.
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