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Shifting of meter

Shifting of meter/Service connection

Shifting of service connection :- (See clause.78 of terms and condition of supply of electricity)

The cost of shifting an existing service connection or a new service connection for which line is laid but service connection is yet to be effected shall be borne by the consumer/intending consumer. The consumer/intending consumer shall pay the above charges in advance in full.

The shifting work will be taken up only after the payment is made. The estimate will cover the following:-

  • Charges for dismantling at the old site;
  • Charges for transport from the old site to the new site;
  • Charges for re-erection at the new site;
  • Depreciation on retrievable old materials, if any, not reused at the site;
  • Cost of new materials, if required;
  • Cost of irretrievable materials;
  • Overhead charges.

Temporary dismantling and re-erection/shifting of a service connection within the same premises necessitated due to remodeling of premises will be carried out on payment of the required charges for the same.

Shifting of an existing service connection will involve giving a new service connection if there is change in door number or sub-door number or survey field number. In the case of agricultural service, shifting of service connection is permissible within the contiguous land and owned by the same consumer. If a new service connection is to be given, the consumer shall execute a supplemental agreement for the changes due to the new service connection. The shifting work will be taken up only after the supplemental agreement is executed.

No shifting of an existing service connection is permissible unless all arrears in the service connection are paid.

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