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What is the procedure for change of tariff


An existing consumer can opt to change the category of the already existing service connection by which the billing tariff will also be changed accordingly. This is mainly applicable to LT consumers of domestic and commercial category to change the tariff vice versa. In order to change the tariff for an existing service connection, the consumer shall make an application to the respective Assistant Executive Engineer / Assistant Engineer along with the relevant documents in support of the tariff change, copy of the last bill issued and copy of the receipt of the payment made for the last served bill.

The application made by the consumer will be forwarded by the respective Assistant Executive Engineer / Assistant Engineer to the concerned Junior Engineer for field inspection and preparation of a report for change of Tariff. The report along with the application made by the consumer will be forwarded to the concerned Junior Accounts Officer (Revenue) for collection of outstanding current consumption charges, Belated Payment Surcharge and additional security deposit if any required based on the current Tariff conditions. Appropriate orders for change of Tariff will thereafter be issued by the Junior Accounts Officer. The revised Tariff will come into effect from the date of inspection by the concerned Junior Engineer subject to the condition that the consumer clears all the dues within fifteen days from the receipt of notice from the Junior Accounts Officer.

No specific charges are collected separately for effecting the Tariff change except collection of the dues including current bill, arrears, BPSC and other dues arising out of the proposed tariff change.

The tariff changes are normally permitted between Domestic and Commercial Tariff. A service connection under Domestic tariff may be changed to Commercial tariff and vice-versa. Tariff change between any other categories of service connections are not normally permitted. Such requests could be considered only when made with relevant statutory clearances.

A service under the OHOB category couldn't be converted to either domestic or commercial tariff. The OHOB service shall be cancelled in the first instance and a new service shall be effected in the said premises subject to fulfillment of all other conditions as applicable to the relevant category of service.

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